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"Since 1960 we work to ensure a good rest"

The SOFITEX started its production of pillows in 1960 in a small workshop. Over the years the production of pillows has been greatly increased and therefore it was necessary to move the business into a wider area of 7000 square meters covered in 3000 and discovered that the company still operates.

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Punctuality "

The organisation of our firm allows us to carry out customers’orders efficiently and rapidity.
Our vehicles guarantee punctual delivery over all national territory.

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Guarantee "

All SOFITEX products are manufactured with carefully selected fibres which are light, elastic and resistant. Each product is guaranteed against all manufacturing defect as they are still made using craft techniques.


This pillow is made Pillow of lavender flavored pillowcase in order to convey a relaxing effect, it is anallergic and transparent.
The covering contains lavender microcapsules to regularize breathing and if these capsules are released during the sleep they get the power to regenerate and purify excellently.
Internal stuffing 100% polyester.